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Over the weekend, Pittsburg Mayor Jelani Killings announced he received the endorsement of the Pittsburg Police Officers Association in his re-election bid.

Here is the statement released:

Over the last four years the City of Pittsburg has benefited from the strong leadership of Jelani Killings. During recent challenges facing both our community and law enforcement, Mr. Killings proactively reached out to our association members in order to engage in meaningful dialogue for change. He listened with an open mind and was bold in his approach for positive change.

Mr. Killings recognized that in order to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the community, he would first have to fully invest in understanding all aspects of the issues we as a community face.  Mr. Killings addressed these challenges with steadfast resolve and has proven himself a committed advocate for the City of Pittsburg, its citizens and the public safety officers who serve our community.

The Pittsburg Police Officer’s Association is honored to provide Jelani Killings with our endorsement for Pittsburg City Council.

– Pittsburg Police Officer’s Association 

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