Physique cam video launched after Pittsburg cop shot and wounded Oakland man – East Bay Instances


PITTSBURG – Authorities investigated Saturday after a Pittsburg police officer shot and wounded a 32-year-old Oakland man. Police said he ignored their orders, fled, and then pointed a loaded gun at the officer.

Police said they would post body cam footage this week.

The incident began early Saturday afternoon when police were called to a shop on the 3700 block of Harbor Street about a man on the roof. When the police arrived, the man had moved and was standing next to a car in the parking lot, Pittsburg police said in a statement.

"Officers asked the man to stay where he was, but he ignored their orders," the statement said. "Then the man grabbed the rear tire of the car and picked up a pistol. The man then ran in the opposite direction."

Another officer arriving caught up with him and asked him to stay on the ground "several times," police said.

“He also ignored his orders. The man then ran behind another vehicle and pointed the gun at the officer, ”the police statement said. The officer then used his service weapon once and hit the man in the arm. The man immediately dropped the pistol and fell to the ground. "

Police handcuffed the man and "immediately began life-saving measures" until paramedics arrived. He was taken to the hospital "and luckily the man is expected to survive," the statement said.

The police did not immediately reveal the man's name. A loaded gun was fetched from the scene, police said.

The Contra Costa County "Official Incident Log" has been activated and the prosecution will conduct an independent investigation, according to police. The Pittsburg Police Department's independent outside investigator will also investigate.



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