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Kenny Choi reports on heartbroken family remembering father and daughter killed in terrible Pittsburg DUI collision (4-13-2021)

Video Transcript

ALLEN MARTIN: In Contra Costa County, a suspect is in custody following a horrific crash that killed a father and his young daughter. KPIX5’s Kenny Choi in Pittsburgh where friends and family are remembering those two victims and calling for justice tonight. Kenny?

KENNY CHOI: It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear what this family is going through. Take a look behind me. There’s a line of cars as family members and friends gather to remember a seven-year-old girl named Sela and her father who died at the scene. Kids’ shoes, a car seat, and a doll nearby a mangled mess of metal, all part of a moment that can’t be forgotten.

DOLORES NOGUEDA: This is a nightmare. A nightmare that I want to wake out of and I can’t.

KENNY CHOI: Police say this man put in cuffs, driving a black Chevy Camaro around 6:00 PM Monday on John Henry Johnson Parkway in Pittsburgh, crashed into the Rosalez family’s white Corolla, killing the father of three young children all ejected from the car, including his eldest daughter, seven-year-old Sela.

DOLORES NOGUEDA: My daughter-in-law called me and told me, mom, Sela died. And I screamed. I said no, you’re lying.

CHRISTINA AGUILAR: My stomach was hurting. I was crying. And it hurt.

KENNY CHOI: Family members say the two younger siblings, Nico and Julienne, taken away in stretchers, are in stable condition after surgery. Your granddaughter passing away, what was she like?

DOLORES NOGUEDA: She was beautiful. She just came to my house two days ago. She bought me a Mother’s Day gift.

KENNY CHOI: Mom Corrina will survive.

DOLORES NOGUEDA: Corrina’s in bad shape. She’s been crying and crying and crying because she hasn’t even got to see Sela. We need your prayers. It’s just going to be a hard road. A long journey.

ALLEN MARTIN: Extremely so. Kenny, what do we know, if anything, about that suspect?

KENNY CHOI: Allen, Pittsburgh police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old Christian Vargas who also had a 10-year-old child inside his car. That child suffered serious injuries. We’re also hearing from authorities that Vargas was on active parole for a prior DUI conviction. Family members of the Rosalez family have set up a GoFundMe page to help with hospital bills. We’re live in Pittsburgh tonight, Kenny Choi, KPIX5.



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